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Skotlander White Rum

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- Danish White Rum - 

Skotlander White Rum has a nice and smooth taste of cherries, licuorice and flowers. Fermented and distilled in Denmark. 

This rum is great to make delicious cocktails or to enjoy neat in a glass like avec.

Skotlander White Rum won the price as Best In Class in Miami 2015, which means it was awarded as the best rum in the world in its category.

Other awards for this rum:

- TheFiftyBest Rum 2016 - Double gold
- The Rum Masters 2016 - Silver
- Spirit selection 2015 - Silver
- World Rum Awards 2015 Best Design
- IWSC 2016 - Silver
- Destille Berlin 2016 - Silver
- Miami Rum Fest 2016 - Gold
- Miami Rum Fest 2014 - Gold
- Nordic Rum Fest 2019 - Silver 



Fermentation 30 days




Cherry, licorice, citrus


Fruity, aromatic, dry


0 grams/liter

Bottle size

50 cl.

Alcoholic strength

40.00% ABV