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Rheum 750 ML

Rheum 750 ML

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- Danish-made rhubarb wine -

Dry sparkling rhubarb wine made with organic Danish rhubarb from Svendborg. Bottle fermented after the old traditions.

Rheum has a nice colour with beautiful pearly bubbles. The wine is dry but endlessly fruity with crisp rhubarb. The after taste is long with an intense hint of vanilla and wild strawberries.

The acidity and complexity of the wine makes it perfect for snacks, seafood, fish or as a breath of fresh air in a welcome drink. An exciting and extraordinary wine experience.


6 months (bottle fermented)


Light red rhubarb


Fresh rhubarb


Crispy rhubarb, vanilla, wild strawberries



Bottle size

750 ml.

Alcoholic strength

9.00% ABV

 Also contains sulphites.

Rheum is produced in the traditional way by bottle fermentation. The smashed rhubarb is fermented with organic cane sugar. The wine is bottled in champagne bottles and fermented there for 6 months. Afterwards the lees is removed by ‘riddling’ in a champagne rack and then ‘disgorgement’.