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Prunus Nigra 500 ML

Prunus Nigra 500 ML

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- Danish-made fortified cherry wine -

Fortified cherry wine made with Danish 'stevnsbær' / black plums

The wine is fresh and springy with a juicy taste of cherries and tannins finished with a rich aftertaste. The fragrance is strong and spicy of cherries jubilee, cinnamon and carnations.

Enjoy it with a berry dessert, with chocolate, cheese and none the less to a rice pudding.


12 months on French oak casks


Black red


Cherry, spicy, cinnamon


Cherry, cinnamon, carnations, spicy



Bottle size

500 ml.

Alcoholic strength

19.00% ABV

Also contains sulphites.

Prunus Nigra is made with port wine as example, and is a fortified wine added with our own home-made Eau de Vie. The cherry wine is cask maturated for 12 months in used French oak casks.

The wine does not lose its taste or character after opening, and it can easily be refrigerated.