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Malus Danica 375 ML

Malus Danica 375 ML

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- Danish-made apple wine -

Cryo concentrated apple wine made with Danish apples of different varieties and tasting notes - made with Ingrid Marie, Filippa, Elstar, Jonagold and Belle de Boskoop apples. This is our flagship wine that started the Cold Hand Winery adventure. 

Malus Danica is perfectly balanced with the wonderful aromas of the different apples' sweetness, acidic taste and aroma. Fragrance of honey, sweet apple mash and fresh apple peel bursts from the glass with a fresh and rich taste.

Recommended with cheese, desserts or to be enjoyed on its own. Also perfect with high-fat foods as foie gras or rillettes.



3 months on Barrique

Fermentation 18 months




Honey, sweet apple mash, fresh apple peel


Fresh apples, sweet honey, gentle acid



Bottle size

375 ml.

Alcoholic strength

12.00% ABV


Also contains sulphites.

Malus Danica is produced by cryo concentration, which means that the apples are mashed after harvesting and quickly frozen afterwards. The mash is then slowly thawed outdoors at negative temperatures, where the frost binds the water in the mash, while the sugar, acid, aroma and color drips like a thick raw syrup. After thawing, the concentrated "apple syrup" is slowly cold fermented through 18 months into an intens wine, which is finally maturated for 3 months on Barrique.

Cryo concentration definately gives cold hands, but the technique is still the mainstay of our apple-, pear- and quince wine. This technique allow us to extract the aroma, the sky-high sugar contents while preserving the intense acidity from the fruit in our wines.