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Burning Orange Snaps

Burning Orange Snaps

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Danish made Snaps

It seethes on the gastro lab in the lowlands on the Danish west coast. The reason is that the schnapps and aquavit is being conquered back to Denmark, where Lowlands is distilling with the finest raw materials from the local fields - and only supplements with superior materials from around the world. Combine this lovely schnapps with delicious food in a beautiful match. 

This schnapps is complex yet friendly - and it will spread joy on its own as well in cocktails. 

Produced from a blend of schnapps distillate and  i et blend af snapsedestillat og extracted botanicals.

Botanicals: Roasted oranges, leaf buds from rowan, butter roasted rye bread, mountain pine buds, oven baked paradise apples - and a handful of secrets.

Batch no. 2 - 44%

Content: 50 cl.