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Ben A Doux

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Danish Handcrafted Wine

Ben A is made from handpicked Danish blackcurrant berries of the sort named, Ben Alder. The northern climate makes the perfect environment for these berries, where the temperature shifts from cold nights to long and bright days, which gives the berries a lengthy maturation developing a stunning aroma and a unique acidity. The blackcurrant berries are stomped and yeasted at low temperatures with the grape skin to attribute to the tasteful wine. Before the blackcurrant wine goes through the second fermentation, it is blended with apple wine to create the perfect balance between aroma and acidity. Before degorgement, the wine has maturated for a minimum of 9 months. At last, dosage is added, which makes 'Ben A' a sparkling dessert wine.

Ben A should be cooled down before being served and is recommended as an aperitif or accompanied desserts like chocolate cake, ice cream, kransekake (kransekage), rice pudding (risalamande), confection or cheese.

This wine won:

- Gold at International Food Contest 2018

- Gold at International Food Contest 2017

- Gold at International Cider World 2017


11 months in bottle before degorgement


Blackcurrant (Ben Alder)


Doux (sweet)


Sweet berries, light acidy, sweet apples.


Autumn 2017

Bottle size

750 ml.

Batch size

7660 pcs.

Alcoholic strength

9.00% ABV