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Barrel Aged Gin

Barrel Aged Gin

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- Handcrafted Danish Gin -

Njord Gin Barrel aged editions. On our quest to explore and refine the taste of our gin and the ingredients within - We experiment with different casks that each compliments our classic Mother Nature gin in their own way. 

This edition is our fifth in the series, where we matured our Mother Nature gin in a Burgundy Pinot Noir wine cask for 7 months. This wine cask adds a lot of different tasting notes to the gin - e.g. notes of earth, spice, cherries, strawberries, herbs and raspberries.

This barrel-aged gin is something else that really offers different nuances of taste in a gin. 


Juniper, sea buckthorn, rowanberry, woodruff, spruce, angelica, liquorice root and coriander


7 months on Burgundy Pinot Noir Casks


August 2018


Juniper, gentle spruce, earth, spice, berries, herbs

Bottle size

500 ml.

Alcoholic strength

48.00% ABV

Distillate made from potatoes.

About Njord Gin:

Since 2014, Njord Gin has distilled in Aarhus (Denmark), where the production solely is focused on making gin. Njord Gin is known for being experimental, which is why they offer a large number of variants, where they experiment with different herbs, flowers and berries.

Previous editions of our barrel-aged gin:

#4, Distilled Mother Nature (special apple destillate edition): Aged on Stauning Whisky Barrels, 16 months, bottled September 2017; 48% alc. (sold out)

#3, Distilled Mother Nature (special apple destillate edition): Aged on Stauning Whisky Barrels, 12 months, bottled May 2017; 46% alc. (sold out)

#2, Distilled Sun And Citrus: Aged on oak, 12 months. Less than 50 bottles are made. (sold out)

#1, Distilled Sun and Citrus : Rested on oak, 4 Months. Only 26 bottles are made. (sold out)