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Stauning STICK Liquorice

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Lakrids by Bülow x Stauning Whisky

Slow cooked liquorice sticks

Stauning Curious new make and Lakrids by Bülow gourmet liquorice is a very complimentary couple. Stauning Curious was awarded as the Worlds Best New Make by World Whiskies Awards 2019. When the grains are dried in Curious new make, the burning of peat creates a smokiness that blends perfectly with the smokey notes from raw liquorice, which is intensified by the caramel-like texture and strong flavour of the slow-cooked liquorice.

The Stauning STICK box contains 4 sticks of raw slow-cooked liquorice made with various amounts of Stauning Curious new make in them - 0% (for reference), 5%, 10% and 15%. 

Since 'Curious' is added to the liquorice mass while slow cooking, the alcohol is evaporated, and the product does not contain alcohol. 

However, all the sensory notes stay in the liquorice. Each STICK represents a new and careful blend of whisky and liquorice, so take your time in exploring each and determining how "curious" you want to be! Inside the box, you will also find a QR code that leads to a short survey about the product. The most valuable insight we are searching for is what STICK you prefer.