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Don Alexis - El Moral Coffee Beans

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Copenhagen Coffee Lab

Copenhagen Coffee Lab is one of the finest coffee roasters in Copenhagen, and they handpick their coffee beans from a variety of places among Guatamala, Costa Rica, Colombia. 

These beans come from the finest soil of Costa Rica, which are then lightly roasted. This brings out lovely notes of caramel, strawberries and cinnamon. These beans are a great alternative, if you grow tired of the classic dark roasted Brazilian beans, where you really will explore a lighter, smoother coffee profile with a touch of acidity.

Content: 250g 

Region Tarrazu
Variety Caturra-Catui
Altitude 1700m
Notes Caramel - Strawberry Milkshake - Cinnamon
Process Washed
Roast Date 20.01.2020